Diaper Organizer with Drawstring Closure


A useful diaper organizer for mummies and daddies on-the-go! Special features include drawstring closure, water-proof pockets and insulated milk bottle holder.

Large Organizer in LV Neverfull MM

Available in 2 sizes to fit different bags: 

  • Medium - Base 11.8" x 4.7" Height 7.5"
  • Large - Base 13.5" x 5" Height 8.5"

Drawstring closure. No more falling items when you bend over to tend to your little ones.

Water-proof Pockets and Insulated Bottle Holder

Specially designed with unique and useful features to cater to the needs of parents.

Price : 
  • Small - S$ 22
  • Large - S$ 24

Choice of Design/colour :

Polka Dots Black and Swirls Silver